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My ex and I dated for almost 3 years. We lived 1700km far away from each other. Because he had a stable job, after 2 years together I moved to his city. My ex was a "religious" person that made me feel guilty about sex, and yet cheated on me. And now he's dating the girl (that I also knew), and rented the place that I helped him to buy. But, before all the bad things that he did to me, he was my best friend (and really good to me). The last time I saw him, we were still together. We never had the last talk. And after 1 year, I still can't move on and I'm truly depressed. I don't want him back, but sometimes I think that I need closure. Should I talk to him, after all this time? I really don't know what to do. I just wanna have peace.

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  • If he made you feel guilty about sex then he was never a good person, hon. Control freak, much? Not to mention the cheating. WTH do some people need 'the last talk'? It's not like that's an actual thing. He was a piece of shit to you, what more do you need to know? Move on.

  • Don't get back, don't search for him.I had the same experience (only the distance wasn't that long). We broke up twice (without the final talk as you said), and each time I was going back with him, everything was the same as before. He made me feel guilty for some things, I didn't have my own life...If he is neglecting you - he's not your man. You will understand when you meet The One. :) Good luck!

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