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I told my 15 year old daughter to get on a plane to our relatives in a distant country and never come back for her own safety. The truth is, I was too scared to live with her because she has a violent/depressive/anxiety personality disorder and I knew not matter what me and my husband did, we couldn't fix her. She was the main cause for our broken marriage and my depression. We felt she was endangering our lives and her brother's so we had to find a way to make her leave. After numerous school expulsions, failed psychiatrists, suicide attempts, arrests and a pedophile for a boyfriend, we decided we couldn't cope anymore and convinced her to go. It's been two years now. She was kicked out of the first two relative's houses we tried to put her in and she's finally back in school now, living alone in another part of her new country. The best part is, she's only had one "episode" since. However, every time we chat online, she's sounding more and more like a stranger. I know that throughout her life she had kept many secrets from us, but I just wish I knew what happened to my little girl that turned her into such a threat that I had to chase her away. Sorry for the long confession, but this has been on my chest for too long and I could only hold it in for so long. I don't want your hate, pity or understanding. I just want this burden lifted and my daughter to be a normal girl.

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  • damn that's messed up you may be a part of why this happened it's possible I mean everything you said and part could be her own genes that made her like that.

  • Seems likely she experienced trauma at a young age. You may want to look into the possibility that her father or close relative abused her sexually

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