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Towards the end of school, i completely lost all motivation. I was handing in stuff later and procrastinating more than i had ever done before, which is really saying something. I dont really know why it happened, but i started telling myself that i just didnt care. That i knew i wasnt going to do very well and that i was okay with that. I did almost no revision up until right before the exams. And then i took them all, and for most of them i thought that it didnt go as bad as i was expecting. That im at least going to pass. I tried convincing myself that i was okay with getting C's, that i was expecting it. But when i got two C's and a D, god damn i was heart broken. Especially since for my best subject i was actually almost expecting a B. For a lot of people these results are great, especially since im not trying to get into any uni right now, but my whole life my family has told me that im super intelligent, that i could get A's, but clearly thats just not the case, and im trying to be positive about it but i cant. I hate myself for the way i just stopped trying but tbh i dont think i could have prevented it

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  • ...Yes you could have prevented it. I'm not criticizing your choice, do what you want. But don't cry about your bad grades when you made the choice to not try.

  • Of course you could've gotten As. Of course this could've been prevented. You didn't do anything the whole year, of course you didn't get As. I don't know if I read it wrong or if you told it weirdly, but this story sounds like ''I didn't do anything for school all year and didn't study for exams and now I am sad about my grades because clearly they mean I'm not intelligent and this all couldn't have been prevented by me, fml''

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