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I have been in love with the same girls since the ninth grade and have been way to scared to tell her how I feel. She has been one of my best friends since then, and we hang out all the time. The kicker to it, is shes a lesbian.

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  • Bring it up sometime. Get it off your chest. I had a similar instance once, the girl I had known for about 10 months before I found out she was lesbian. And another 8 months before this came up. We were drinking one night her, her girlfriend and some friends and I were playing a drinking game. Eventually it turned into tell a truth about someone in the room. So I told her, the moment I saw her I had an instant crush and the more I got to know her the more perfect she seemed. However I was heart broken when I found out she was a lesbian. She honestly didn't know what to say we talked in the morning about it. I explained myself to her and her girlfriend and said if I was going to pull something I would have by now. Her girlfriend told asked me why I was ok with it. So I chose a corny line that I didn't mean, If you love someone set them free. Seriously though she laughed, I was asked if I still liked her. Of course I did how couldn't I, she was perfect in every way but I could never have her. I told her because it drove me crazy and even if I couldn't be with her I did want her to be happy. They gave me the don't worry theirs someone out there for you speech but honestly I think if anyone was the one it was her. Accept the fact you love her tell her and if she lets you go deal with it. Otherwise you'll never know I could have had several other scenarios play out, they didn't but now she knows. It's something.

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