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I am really weak/unfit. I never was a sporty person, P.E. always was my worst subject, and since I've been out of school, not having to do any kind of sport (plus being sick for quite a long time, having to mostly lay in bed for months) I became extremely weak. I literally can't do one push up. I get out of breath after walking one flight of stairs. I would be okay with this, I'm slowly trying to become fitter for health reasons, but... the problem is that I am going to school again from now on. And there will be P.E. classes. And 20 people will witness me not being able to do one push up, run 2 minutes or throw a ball across a 5m field. I am so embarrassed about this, so afraid of the lessons. I try getting in shape faster, but with all the school work I have to do, I quite literally have no time for a proper training. It will be so shameful.

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  • If you were sick for that long, they shouldn't be rude about it. And if they are, fuck em. It's just PE class, it's not the Olympics. No one really cares about gym class.

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