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Need advice from male's! I don't know what to do about this.. So, I guess you could call it a rumor but I've heard from my boyfriend's friends and family that his own mother sexually abused him. I don't know how to bring it up or talk to him about it.. the other day I went threw his phone and found moms teach sex porn, some involving like mother and son stuff, really weird to watch something like that, it made me really uncomfortable given what I've heard about my boyfriend's relationship with his mom. I heard she abused him growing up.. it wasn't consensual. But he's obviously messed up in the head about it, due to the stuff I saw on his phone. idk basically what I'm asking is, is that kind of porn normal for guys? Or is there something definitely wrong here..?

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  • thanks, your guy's advice helped alot.

  • Don't bring it up. I have a few psychological issues, and it has happened a few times that people brought it up. They meant well and only wanted to help, but it did the exact opposite. I felt awful, it was embarrassing, I swore to never open up about anything ever again (I still never do it because whenever I think it might help me to tell someone, I remember how awful it felt when they forced me to talk about it). I think what you should do is make sure he knows that he could tell you, that you show and tell him that nothing he could say would make you think less of him. Maybe even carefully talk about those subjects one day, making sure to show that you don't judge people who went through it. But also make sure to not dig too deep so you don't trigger him too much, and also be careful enough so he doesn't suspect you know anything. Because then he might feel forces to ask if you know it, and in this case the whole thing is doomed to fail. I am not saying you should lie to him, but sometimes it's important to shield someone from the truth.

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