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A while ago, there was discussion about virgins here. I remember someone saying that having sex with a virgin is awful. Now, I already expected it to be like that, but when I read that comment it just kind of hit me that I'm gonna suck. I mean, this should be no big deal because it's inevitable but I just hate the idea of causing annoyance or discomfort or boredom to another person. I'm a virgin so I don't know if this following thought makes sense, but what is the point of even having sex if you can't bring pleasure to your partner. I often read tips online about how to please a man but I doubt it's much help.

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  • Everyone, thank you for commenting. You've eased my mind a bit.

  • Having sex with a virgin isn't awful. It's just... I mean to put it simply, it's not a porno. It won't be like that. It's not this amazing, romantic session of passionate lovemaking. It's awkward, and maybe a few mistakes are made, you know, and it's not what most people expect sex to be like. But that doesn't make it bad. That learning experience can be fun and it can be funny when you mess up- like my first time, my boyfriend's dick kept slipping out. But we laughed about it and moved on. And he came after like... a minute? (he was a virgin too.) But that's normal and okay and we still had fun. And that's what's important: making that connection with your partner and just feeling close to them and being intimate with them in a way that you don't share with anyone else. It's not about physical pleasure; that's just a fun side effect of making that emotional connection.

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