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I'm gonna be honest here, when people discuss incels they always take the cream of the shit-crop as example. Trust me, I've been at the point of unquestioned selfhatred and involuntary celibacy, and I can asure you that most of these people are just really sad, do not feel entitled nor hold any unreasonable grudges against anyone other than theirself. Maybe I take the term "Incel" too loose, but to take the delusioned fools that have stared into the abyss of hatred and theoretical social-research as the prime example of an incel is like using a neonazi as the example for a conservative.

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  • Wouldn't know. I was a Chad Volcel. In my experience incels aren't willing to do what they need to get out of it. There is escape if your will is strong enough.

  • Most people who talk about incels have seen stuff from any of the incel sub reddits that have been banned repeatedly because of their disgusting behaviour. The incel community is inherently garbage, and thats not just guys who dont get laid, its guys who use the term incel to describe themselves, and use that to justify being garbage people

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