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I think the person who thinks humans dont deserve to live because we've ruined the planet needs realise that nature has in fact ruined the earth hundreds of thousands of times worse than we ever probably could and that's the beautiful thing about natural selection. There is life at the bottom of the ocean, fish and crab and god knows what else. Trees that haven't even evolved yet will grow back the rainforest long after we've gone and there are mushroom in chernobyl that feed off the radiation. We are not destroying nature, nature has survived through far, far worse than this measly dilemma we call humanity. The problem is, we are destroying ourselves and our future. So fear not for nature, because I promise you long after we have all rot away nature will be back with a new prime species and it will be like we were never here, because that's what's beautiful about it. It is totally, completely and utterly indifferent.

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  • This is the most tragically beautiful thing I have ever heard :) Completely agree with you too.. glad someone else feels the same as me

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