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The last guy I was intimate with broke it off because I didn't want sex. Some not okay things happened when I was younger, which led to me having anxiety when it comes to being intimate - he knew this. Still he pressured me, and when I kept saying no, he got annoyed and left. I know it was for the better, but I have never felt like I was worth less than when he told me to come back in five years when I had sorted out my problems, and then slept with my very close friend (who also suffers from anxiety) less than two weeks later. It has been almost a year, and they are still together. I wish them happiness, even though I still feel like shit whenever I see them together.

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  • *for the best.......................sryy for you btw but if yu are not ready to get intimate its better being out of relationships,sex is important to keep a relation

  • Communication, honesty, sex. The three pillars of a relationship. I'd have left you too. Who wants to be romantic with someone that won't get intimate? Quit being so full of yourself. Go to therapy.

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