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My ex sent me a friend request on Facebook. We haven't talked in over 3 years, there's 0 chance I would get back with him. I'm happily engaged, living with my fiance, and moved to another state. I kind of want to talk to him for closure, but that's the only communication I want with him. I don't know what to do. I don't want to be rude if he just wanted to get closure or get something off his chest. But I don't want to get stuck in a weird friendship I don't want. I don't even know how I'll bring it up with my fiance. If I accept the friend request, I've gotta tell my fiance before he finds out another way and think I had something to hide. Maybe my ex just actually wants to be friends again.

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  • I think answering your ex is just asking for trouble. He might have expectations towards you and won't leave you alone. Anyways why would you want to talk to him if you don't want a friendship? It's too much on the line for something so unnecessary.

  • tbh I don't think you have to tell your fiance. Not like you shouldn't tell him, I just don't think he's entitled to an explanation. But it can't hurt to see what the ex wants. You can always block him if it goes sour.

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