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My husband suspected that our daughter isn't mines and that I faked my pregnancy. From there he wanted to divorce me. And the reason is because he sneaked in to my private journals that talks about my transition. I was laughing so bad when he told me that... because I knew then he didn't actually read the journal and judged it by the title. Because it was my transition about my old self (suicidal, depressed, drug addict girl) to a sober happy and dedicated person.. He knew that about me.... But he already told me after his reason to divorce me, he's already seeing other women (and we're only separated). Like to be honest, I'm fine by it. Divorce me because I don't want an abusive husband in the first place. After 1 year of marriage, he was always controlling and manipulative and he always tells me negative things that just makes me feel awful... Besides the emotional abuse, him already seeing other women, and violating my privacy just adds to my reason why I should further divorce him either. But it was just I'm honestly worried about my daughter what if she grows up feeling like nothing because i actually divorced her father? I mean I hope she understands the reason.

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  • I'm 22 so it might be different but my parents are separated/pre-divorce and I totally understand why it's happening. So does my 17 year old sister. We both know my dad was/is shitty to my mom. And us. Your daughter will understand in time. Kids catch on to more than you know, give her a little credit.

  • She will understand in due time. When i was little I wondered why my mother wasn't with my father but I've learned it was because of her happiness and safety. It may take a whiel but she'll understand.

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