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I hate when I get lonely. My only friend and I are so incompatible with timing. We're always out of sync. When she wants to hang out, I'm busy. When I want to, she just doesn't. This is turning into a confession about her... She pisses me off. It's like she purposely chooses to ask me to hang out when it's impossible. Example: It's 5:30am, she's getting home from work and I'm leaving for work. She tells me to come over. But when I ask her to hang out when neither of us are busy, she'd just rather not. This is why I'm on tinder now. Fuck. I suck.

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  • She is doing it on purpose, I recommend start joining sport/culture activities and clubs, you will meet people and find hobbies

  • You don't suck, she sucks. How do you just 'not feel' like hanging out? I mean I get occasionally. But every time you try to make plans? Sounds like she's dodging you

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