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I'm lonely and really want to make friends, but approaching people or talking to them is terrifying. When I actually manage to get into a situation of interaction, I get this ugly feeling that makes me think that everything I say is wrong, that I seem rude and stuff. Even in the activity group for people with mental health issues that I'm in (I don't know the word for it) I feel the urge to constantly say "IF I'VE SAID SOMETHING RUDE I'M SORRY AND I DIDN'T MEAN IT PLEASE DON'T HATE ME" even though most of the people there seem as timid as me. I feel awful about pretty much everything I do in other people's presence. That's why I've gotten more used to being alone because then there's no fear of anger from other people or shame. But I'm not helping my loneliness.

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  • Write all of your feelings down. Start getting it off your chest asap

  • Sounds like social anxiety to me, but I'm no doctor. It's good that you're in a group getting help. Consider some therapy if you don't get any already to help you learn how to not constantly doubt yourself.

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