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I have relized my dad has done ALOT of emotional damage to me. If I'm with someone who Im really attached too, I get really upset when I'm left alone. Even if they just went down stairs too hang out with some friends which is verry sad. It dosent help that he just left me alone in a house when I was little to go get drugs the first night I was there. I couldn't call my mom or anyone cause I was mabey 6 or 7, no access to a phone and I was 2 hours away from my mom in another town. All the times he called saying "I'll come get you this weekend, I promise." And then I sit outside practically all day waiting from him not to show. All the times he wrote me from jail saying "You're my baby girl, I love you, I'll change. We can have a normal father and daughter realtionship." Then I get my hopes up but then nothing changed. Its always the same. Now he wonders why I never answer his calls. I use too say "Oh, I hate his guts. Hes not my dad" But deep down I wish he was there for me..

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  • forgive him find a way to show him life is better than any drug he will always be your dad i feel bad for you and what you have gone through hold ur head up lead by example think positive never let doubt enter ur mind

  • Life must be hard for you when you're little, he had hurt you a lot. Still he is your father, if your heart tells you to talk to him, I think you should, maybe over the phone for a stat. Your father aren't getting younger or healthier. I really wished he changes for both of you.

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