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For Father's day, it's going to be just dad, my brother and me. This makes me a bit nervous because usually some of our other siblings, who can't make it home this time, make waffles or pancake on Father's days and Mother's days but my brother or I don't know how to make them. And I feel like it'll be awkward with just the three of us? I love dad but I find it hard to make conversation with him. I'm worried that he'll think I don't care about him. I almost wanted to skip on going home for Father's day just to avoid that awkwardness but I think dad might appreciate me showing up. And I think I need to learn to live with awkwardness.

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  • Get on YouTube and watch videos on how to make pancakes! It's actually quite easy

  • If you can break those awkward moments, you will build a closer bonds to eachother, so relax and laugh, try to enjoy. Have a great Father's Day.

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