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My legs are too short

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  • I know a girl whose legs are also too short for her body, yeah it looks a bit weird but there's something weird about quite literally everyone. I have a weirdly long nose, my friend has shoulders that are unusually wide and make her look masculine. She's still one of the most fancied girls at the school, though. That's just what comes with uniqueness; some parts of us will look especially good compared to others, some parts will look weird. And there will always be people who think that your weird parts are the prettiest part of you, even if you can't believe how they can think that. To be honest, having short legs is a quite good problem because it can be concealed with clothes, and most people don't even notice it because we barely ever look at someone from head to toe.

  • Nah. Don't feel too bad, no one is perfect.

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