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theres so many reasons why I would not finance a car. one being that if you pay the full thing off, depending how long it took, you really paid off 2-3 cars. another is that if you want to sell or trade it in with money still owing. you only get about 1/2 of what you still owe on it. so if its a 20k car, they would give you 10k for it and you would still owe 10k and you're short a car. like how fucking crooked. not sure why so many people think this is the best way to own a car

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  • I would say never buy new. 3 to 5 years old is fine. The trick is, does repair costs outweigh payments for a new car if divided up over a year? If yes, get the loan. If no, keep your car.

  • Some people are desperate. They really need a car and can't afford to buy it outright. Unfortunately being poor is expensive. They pay more over long term because they don't have the funds to drop up front.

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