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I feel like a liar as I search for diagnosis for my chronic illness. I am often in pain, have joint popping and numbness. Being very physically weak is difficult for me as I am a high school student and want to be able to help everyone but Im so tired and unstable. I near passed out all afternoon today and my friend who I normally walk with didnt care I was feeling ill and got mad for me asking to walk with her. She had a date. I was worried about passing out and getting hit by a car. I feel bad for being a burden. All i want to do is make them happy, but I need to be healthy.

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  • Your friend is a piece of shit. I'm sorry but I care more about any of my friends' safety SO MUCH more than some dumb date. And of her date is a decent human at all, they would be understanding about her being late.

  • Your friend sounds like a self absorbed twat waffle!

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