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I feel aweful for laughing. but it's mildly funny. I feel aweful it happened and that it'll cost them a lot of money. but there's some irony that's prettt funny. so my in laws have 2 pick up trucks, identical, that they care more about than their children as far as i'm concerned. trucks are meant to be used and to haul things, transport things. but not these ones. they want nothing to touch them ever. they've never hauled anything with it. never been on a bad road with it. they've taken the long way to get somewhere cuz a road had too many potholes. they park taking up 2-3 spots so no other cars touch them. if the kids do have to go in the truck they tell them to keep the door open, they'll shut it cuz they dont want them to end up "slamming it shut". one day I thought they were going to kill one of the kids when they found a scratch on the FOOT plate. you know, where you climb into the truck. the thing that ur feet go on to get into the truck. who the hell cares if there's a scratch there?! not to mention these are 2012 trucks. not 2018s. anyways after all that precaution, after being totally rediculous with how they drove the trucks and the amount they've screamed at their kids. we had a storm last night and a tree fell on both, one is totalled and the other is gonna need some serious work to it... as I said. it's aweful it happened, it's gonna cost a lot, I feel bad... but the irony is pretty funny. a scratch on the foot plate doesn't really matter now does it?

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  • I chuckled too

  • I agree, it's kind of like black humor; you know it's wrong to laugh but the irony itself is funny. You're not really laughing at the people but more the absurdity of the situation. When things like that happen I always hope that the people learn to value things less and start seeing them as just things, and start putting more effort and energy into people and relationships instead of objects..

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