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I learned the hard way that you can never EVER change a bad boy. He opened up to me when we started our fling, he got super personal with me. He showed me his cuts, which he didn't show anyone else. He told me about what he was going through and every time he got drunk, he'd text me and tell me that he misses me, that he wants to see me, sometimes he'd call just to hear my voice. At one point, during the beginning of our fling, he was having a difficult night, so he called me at 1 am on a school night, and I stayed up on the phone with him for 3 hours until he was calm enough to go to sleep. I really did think I was helping him. I even told him that if he ever needed ANYTHING, any sort of help, that he could come to me. But he just blew that off. He started scaring me, because he sounded exactly like my friend who killed himself about 8 months ago, and if I couldn't save that friend, at least I had a chance with this one. He wouldn't let me help him. He couldn't stand to be sober. He was either drunk or high off of his ass from dabs every time I was with him, which was at least once a week. He got back into cocaine. I fell for him. Really hard. I saw the good in him when everyone else saw the bad. And he told me that he fell for me, that he had feelings for me. But we agreed to keep out of a relationship because we're parting ways very soon. He left me a couple months ago, started ignoring me. I still see him once a day, always. We're stuck in the same room together for 45 minutes every day. And I have to do all I can to refrain from looking back at him. He used to stare at me until I looked at him and smiled. He doesn't do that anymore. He doesn't text me. He doesn't even make eye contact with me. He acts like I don't exist. And I can't get over him.

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  • i think ..he might be afraid of hurting you,which is way he is acting this way . 'cause i never open up to anyone , but i know that if i did it would be because there are very special to me ; but i also would feel very vulnerable and would hate for them to see the real me , 'cause i would think that they think i'm weak .so you should understand that he isn't ignoring you out of malice

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