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Sometimes struggling with mental health sucks you’re afraid of telling anyone your thoughts in fear they will take you wrong or they wont understand

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  • i too.. and what sickness mental do you have?

  • the thing about telling our mental health issues to others is that it's unique and it's hardly understood by others. And that's the reason why we are afraid of it. But if you eliminate our judgement and just let them know about it, they might judge you but if you rather practice a thought that they are humans too and they might have other issues like a human like you then you shouldn't worry about it (meaning: they're just people and they are judgements). And people sometimes don't need to understand or immediately understand. Sometimes it's just good to let them know. It's up to their lives to help them understand later. Sometimes you don't even know hey might also have the same issue as yours and they are also scared to tell you too or they just have a different approach regarding the the same problem..

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