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My mom is a lesbianphobic but she loves gay people (male gays) because she grew up always having a gay friend. But lesbians, she's scared of them and doesn't want to be next to one. Her perception of lesbians is like a tomboy. I'm a lesbian and is not a tomboy and it's sooooo hard for me to just tell my mom this because she'll probably stay away from me. I love my mom so much she's like my best friend and she's loving and kind. But I do know the reason why she's scared of lesbians. And even I would be traumatized if I experienced what she had experienced in the past and what the experience had done to her. She's open to many things but that phobia. And it's not that she hates lesbians because it's what they are but it really just has something to do with her experience and as I said it's really that awful! But I'm in the middle of a conflict of telling her about me at the same time just keeping it a secret to actually not worsen her anxiety.

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  • She needs to be educated, maybe you can reach to one of her gay male friends to talk to her and explain that not all lesbian girls are alike, she might be willing to listen like that?

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