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All my friends think I shouldn't be with my boyfriend. To be clear, my friends aren't assholes who try to interfere with my life; it took them quite a while to speak up because they didn't want to ruin it for me just because of an opinion they have. But then they slowly started questioning me about whether I'm *really* happy? And don't you, I don't know, want to try dating some other people before settling down? Recently they went as far as giving me an intervention. What really was the killing point for me though was when this one guy, who's dating my friend and had met my boyfriend and me for the very first time, later apparently said to her: "he's terrible, please tell your friend to ditch him". Like... It's one thing if my friends have this opinion, they might be biased, but if a total stranger has this impression upon meeting us the very first time... Now the thing is, I love my boyfriend and I don't see any problem in our relationship. I never did. But after this I do and I don't know how to deal with it. I don't even know what exactly it is that people don't like about us - they always say that they "can't really explain", but I guess they just don't want to so they don't hurt my feelings. I don't want to tell my boyfriend because it would hurt him a lot, so I don't have anyone to discuss this with and I don't know how to deal with it by myself. By the way, my family, on the other hand, love my boyfriend and constantly tell me that I should do everything to keep him.

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  • You could talk to your family.

  • Take a step back and look at everything. How does he treat you? How does he talk to you? How does he act around others, and is it different than how he acts when you're alone? How often does he try to tell you what to do? Does he ever hurt you, physically or emotionally? Does he ever twist things on you and always make you feel like you're at fault? And be honest with yourself. Really analyze why people might dislike him. Maybe it's nothing to do with how he treats you, maybe he's just got an abrasive personality. Maybe he has opinions that most people don't agree with. Maybe he's just loud. Maybe he's nice to you but mean to others. Some of my exes were like that. The best person to me, but awful to others, or just rude. After looking at all of this, if you genuinely don't see a problem, then don't listen to your friends. And if you do see some problems or red flags, maybe think about what that means for your relationship.

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