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I think everyone secretly hates me or hangs out with me out of pitty. I am weird as f*ck and not in a good way. Almost like creepy weird cause I try to hard. I hope my son has a easier time making freinds like his dad.

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  • Just like the comment before, I'm gonna tell you: almost nobody ever would hang out with someone out of pity. If people really find someone too weird then they avoid that person. You can be weird and still lovable. Also, people don't know anything about what goes on inside of us, but see a lot of us that we don't know about ourselves; you think your weirdness is the only part of you, but for others it's probably just a small part of you that is made up for by whatever other great traits you have (or else they would, again, not hang out with you).

  • I'm going to tell you what a therapist once told me: People don't do a lot out of pity. Thinnk about it, when was the last time you did something out of pity? And the time before that? Most likely you can't think of much. If you can than that's an entirely different problem.

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