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I have been having issues with spotting for 14 days. Two months ago, I started birth control pills, and I am still adjusting to them. It is a possibility, that I am going through, hormone changes. I thought, the spotting, stopped, today. I told my boyfriend about my spotting issue, and thought, it stopped. We had sex, protected of course, and found out, it was still happening. I was embarrassed. I should have declined, but I was the one who was selfish. He had the most shocked look on his face, and his expression mortified me. He was trying to act like what happened was okay, but it clearly wasn't. That wasn't the only goof up I've had, in this relationship. This relationship is very new. I wouldn't be surprised if he wants to be with someone else. He seems to be understanding of what happened, but I don't know what he's thinking. I just have to accept what happened. Anyway, life goes on. Ugh.

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  • Don't feel too bad. It happens. Just like you shouldn't have anal sex if you can't stand the thought of a little poop, then you shouldn't have vaginal sex if you can't handle the thought of a little blood. When you mess up having sex, just laugh it off. Life isn't a porno, it'll never be perfect. The flaws are what make that experience with your partner exciting and memorable.

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