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my only friend got rejected again. and because i am an overthinking dumbass, i noticed some little details that i think are weird. so first, all the girls he hung out with or showed strong interest in him got into a relationship shortly after they called him off. All this time they were seeing each other, posted pictures of themselves on social media, they had something going on with someone else in the background. You see, people can do whatever the fuck floats their goat, but to me thats kinda confusing and a bit disappointing. Seems to me like all people just want someone, not THE one. second: I dont like the way he deals with it. he acts like they owe him something. The friendzone isnt real. And even if, its not real friendship if you had expectations about hookin up. He says it doesnt bother him, but i think it kinda does.

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  • Dude... lots of people do that ('talking to' several people and then narrowing it down). That's called dating. You test the waters to see who you like the most and then you pick one. Just because they didn't choose your friend doesn't mean they want just anyone- they clearly don't or they'd take him. Also, if he's the kind of person who thinks women owe him something or he whines about being 'friendzoned' all the time, I wouldn't even be friends with that guy, much less date him. He sounds like an ass.

  • I have a few things to say: 1. I don't see any problem with wanting to be with someone instead of wanting to be with THE one. A lot of relationships are breaking apart despite being between two people who are wonderful for each other only because they lack experience, haven't ever learned how relationships work (that you have to fight for it sometimes, that it's not like in love movies, that you don't own each other etc.). Also, having a best friend who's with you all the time and who helps you, who is there for you, is just nice, even if you know it's not for ever. And don't forget about sex. 2. First you say they were leading your friend on, then you said those were just friendships anyways, I'm just a little confused what is actually going on; are you saying the girls are bitches for talking to multiple guys at once or not? (Seriously, I just want to understand, I'm not trying to discredit you). 3. I love the phrase whatever floats your goat. Was probably a spelling mistake but it's awesome, thanks for the laugh

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