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Once, I almost hit one of our cats. She was bothering me when I tried to sleep and I shoved her away forcefully. There's also been a few times when I've thrown a cat down from my bunk bed. Every time, the cat didn't even do anything wrong, I was just angry about something else and took it out on them. I've probably traumatized them all because they run away whenever I approach. I've harmed my younger siblings too. When I was little, I used to push them to the ground and step on their heads for no reason. And even during my teen years, I've hit my sister a few times just because she was there when I was in a bad mood. I wish I knew how to make up for it. I've apologized to my siblings but that won't make them hurt less.

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  • It's good that you're seeking help. That behavior isn't healthy or normal.

  • You have issues, seek therapy and rehome your cats.

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