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my school is such a bitch and is the biggest snitcher i know. you skipped ONE school day and suddenly you get 4 emails sent home, a letter and a meeting with your parents. its the end of the school term for fuck sakes merry christmas to you too bitch

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  • Merry Christmas, much better days for 2019.

  • I mean ... you're not allowed to skip school, so I actually think it's perfectly fine of them to do this. As the other person said, for liability and also for your own safety it's important that your parents know you weren't there... and of course because you're a school kid and need to learn that you can't just skip school just because you feel like it. My school was totally not after skippers, they didn't care as long as you brought in a fake note from your mom excusing you after 3 days, and a hell of a lot kids skipped almost weekly. They were exactly the ones who needed to be present most and in the end a lot of them didn't get their degree on the first try, or not at all.

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