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I can't eat certain food but since I'm not allergic in the classical sense (meaning I don't instantly start dying, but I certainly do feel like dying a couple of hours later because of explosive diarrhea), people often either don't believe me or call me rude and extra. I think I've posted about it before on here, maybe you remember. The most recent wonderful thing that happened was that I ate at a family member's house. I asked them if the food is safe for me and they assured me that it is, so I ate tons of it. A little time later, toilet. I was knocked out for 3 whole days. I asked them about it, thinking that they might not have known that their food actually wasn't safe for me, and what did they say? "Oh yeah I know, there was some in it. But come on, such a little amount can't hurt, so I didn't want to tell you because I wanted you to eat something". For the record, I had told said person that even traces hurt me. But you know, if you don't get an anaphylactic shock, it's totally fine. I'm done with people.

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  • If something about you is not of the norm people don't believe it. I know that from experience. Although you'd think people would understand food intolerance. It's just like I would try to tell doctors not to prescribe anything bc medication in general causes me problems. Fpot doc for example give me a corticosteroid shot. I tried to tell her that messed up my feet put me in more pain than before. She tries to tell me we probly didn't do the dosage right. Anyway you should probly tell them you're allergic bc they're not gonna get it otherwise

  • I have a friend who seems to be in a situation like yours. He's afraid of eating at someone else's place because of his 'food allergy', until I forced him to see a doctor. The doctor gave him sort of medicines, and from then on, he's no longer "ashamed" of eating at my place.

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