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I have this co-worker whom I always caught staring at me. I approached him once and asked him, "Hey, dude! Any challenges or problems you wanna share?" but he just shook his head. One time during our lunch break, while I'm eating my meal with my 'closer' friends... He'd normally eat with his friends, but then he cam asking if he can join us. Well, we are workmates, so we said 'yes'. He stares at me blankly and confused. He seems to have a question on his face like 'Hey, can I sit beside you?'. So, I moved a little. Guess what?? He sat next to me happily. (weird, isn't it?) My daily routine after eating my meal is going to the Mini Stop store and buy myself a soda, and then go directly in-front of Robinsons Supermarket (it's 2am.. they are closed, and it's a little dark in there) to enjoy my soda while playing mobile games or browsing facebook. I got startled when someone groans "yo" out of nowhere. He stand right befor me and asked "Can I?" Then I realized that it's him again... no other than but Marc. I answered "sure! no problem." Then he sat right next to me. I heard him say "Hey.." after some minutes of silence. "Yes? Anything that bothers you?" I responded. He said this in a total mess, without a pause like an EK gun being fired, and then walk away like a boss... "You know what, I have this weird feeling for you since that day you helped me out with that call. I don't know but my life just become happier when you're around. I feel no worries everytime you're near or whenever I see you smile, even if you're not smiling at me. I know that this is really weird, and I don't really know why or how. I also know that you'll find this weird or a sort like a shit, but I am saying it anyway. I don't expect you to say anything or respond to me with whatever, I just wanna let you know what I feel because I am bothered too. I am so much bothered that I like you but you just seem to ignore me." I was like 'what the hell did he say?' Seriously?

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  • He knows you probably don't like him back but he wanted to tell you how he feels to get it off his chest. What is there to not understand?

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