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My depression is so bad that I cry after I see someone I know because of the realization of how alone I am. I barely have the strength to get out of bed in the morning now. I don't have anyone to support me and help me through this. I literally just get ignored by people who I thought were close to me. Turns out they were only important to me, and I am not important to them. Being alone some long has ruined my ability to just be around people for longer than maybe an hour. That is before I realize that I am not being talked to or acknowledged when I try to hangout to old friends. I feel like I don't exist until someone needs help doing something that they don't want to pay for. My reality is my own worst nightmare.

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  • I can't imagine how you must feel. If I might suggest something, I would recommend seeing a professional, a psychiatrist preferably. They are usually the best judge of what therapy or medication would help. I know seeking help is hard and that it's easier to be miserable. But if you want to escape your nightmare, I would recommend this way. Please, stay strong.

  • Please get help.. talk to your family... you don't need people's approval.. try to get help, things will fall in place

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