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In high school me and this girl was talking and flirting all the time but nothin serious. Low key she wanted the D but she was a virgin so it was like she want it but she scared. Her friends was all fine too. We lived in same area but different schools so hella her friends added me and was flirtin wit me too. What she ain’t know I fucked three of them. She had this tall light skin junt fine as hell she took the D. Then she had this sexy mexican friend ooh lawd she had the dimples a fat ass body was bangin I done hit that more than once and she had another light skin friend lil baddie had a fat ass too. I feel bad the original girl ain’t know. She was cool to talk to but hella too flip floopy for me. One minute she want something serious next minute she wanna be single. It’s like damn why u playing with my feelings like dat. Then you got your fine ass friends in my inbox ready to throw it back I said fuck it... it’s been 6 years and I ran into the mexican girl last night.. lil mama glo’d up even more and she still want it... but it just reminded me of the whole situation. Shit was a mess.

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  • Ugh... disgusting... It was wrong of her to treat you like that, but you didn't have to whore around with her friends.

  • english, please.

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