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My girlfriend has just told me she's pregnant. I honestly don't know what to think. I have the nagging doubt in My head that there's a chance it's not mines. iv been with her just over a year, and have never had any real findings that she's ever cheated on me but something just tells me she has. stupid things like I know when a guy has messaged her because I get a glimpse of the name or whatever and when I ask who it is she plays it off as one of her girlfriends. iv also seen sexts to another guy from a point where we were early on in our relationship but still getting pretty serious. I asked her if she was seeing or in contact with more than one person at the start and she said absolutely not. I know otherwise though. I don't know what to think, I love her, but don't know if I trust her fully

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  • DNA test before signing any documents like birth certificate or else you pay support no matter what in a lot of places.

  • Do a DNA test.

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