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I think I've lived a good life. Regardless of the ups and downs, I feel like I'm content with where I'm at now and I think this is the perfect ending to my story. I know it's selfish and cowardly and I still have "so much to live for" but I don't want to know what the future may hold. I don't want to know if tomorrow will be worse than today or better. I don't want to continue on like this. I plan on killing myself tonight.

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  • It sounds like you feel that the future is filled with so must uncertainty that you don’t want to face it. The fact that you wrote this on here, though, means the you want someone to know, and that there’s a part of you that maybe doesn’t want to leave. Listen to that part. And please let us know you’re safe

  • I hope you didn't do. Please let us know!

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