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I’m so jealous of my best friend, to the extent that I just want to cut off contact with her. She’s pretty, academically successful, and middle class. I’ve always been jealous of her and we have always been quite competitive academically but now I just feel like everything goes right in her life with her hardly even trying. She cheats and lies to get out of exams or to do well in them and has stolen my work and others’ work in the past, yet she still views herself as deserving of every good grade she has ever achieved She’s just got into one of the best universities in the country and I know I need to act happy for her but I feel that it’s unjust that she’s got in largely because of her arrogance, accent, expensive extracurricular activities and cheating. I can hardly talk about it without the contempt and anger showing on my face. It’s all everyone is going to be talking to her about for weeks though. I know this is childish and pathetic but I just wish I had friends whose sole purpose didn’t seem to be to make me feel worthless and jealous.

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  • She sounds like a bitch and not much of a friend at all. Don't worry, one of these days she won't be able to save herself with lying and cheating and her pretend world will crash and burn.

  • This isn't childish at all. Everybody will see this different; some will say as a good friend, you should play happy for her; some, and I personally too, will say that as a good friend you're supposed to be honest with her and show her that with this kind of behaviour she doesn't only get good things.

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