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Has anybody else ever been exhausted by an ex? Our relationship ended 3 years ago and he’s still stuck on me. He was talking to me and some other girl at the same time for about a year before we were official. I asked him multiple times if he had any feelings for the other girl or if he liked her and he was adamant they were just friends. I’m not a jealous person and never had a problem with him talking to her especially since we were friendly to each other. We never hung out together but we were Facebook friends and followed each other on IG. All was good at the beginning between me and my now ex until he started behaving shadily. He would tell me he’s doing one thing but his friends or social media show different. He was acting very vague with short 1-3 word replies, on the phone he didn’t say much, in person he was really secretive and seemed like he was in his own world. The final straw was when we made plans to hang out and he canceled to “study”. Turns out he was hanging out with the other girl and it wasn’t the first time, he did it our whole relationship. He told me the entire time they don’t hang out anymore, they barely talk, they only text here and there to check up on each other. Basically when he wasn’t with me he was with her. Neither one of them would confirm if they ever hooked up or not but neither denied it so I’m pretty confident they did. He spilled all the beans on a lot of things so I broke up with him immediately and ever since then he will not move on. He keeps trying to talk to me saying I’m the love of his life, he wants to marry me, we’re meant to have children together and all this shit. Our relationship lasted less than a year so its funny how he was juggling the 2 of us the entire time and all of a sudden we’re supposed to be married and have kids? WHAT! We weren’t anywhere near that stage when the relationship was good. But he just womt give up. He messages me all the time and shows up at my work “to get lunch” at least twice a week. It’s literally exhausting having this man bothering me all the time. I’ve told him I’m not interested but he wont let it go. Every time I block him he finds a way .

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  • You can actually have him arrested for harassment. I'm sorry you have to deal with this. When I had a shitty ex who treated me that way, I just treated him like shit until he hated me so much he never wanted to see me again.

  • Tell him you're done and 1 more message, you'll contact the police and get a restraining order. If they won't give you one, tell his friends, boss, family etc he's give you unwanted attention and to help him stop make him realize how dumb he looks.

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