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I don't understand why there's this huge fan base that's just obsessed with Asian/Japanese culture. K Pop guys, manga and anime, people who spend their whole free time doing cosplay of manga figures, doing curses in Japanese language even though they're normally too lazy to even study for their normal school subjects, going as far as putting make up on to look Asian... you know those people? I don't have anything against them, to each their own. I just wonder why this is such a relatively wide spread thing; I know about 5 people like this, but never have I ever seen a white person fangirling over Hispanic or African or whatever other culture.

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  • I've seen plenty of white people freaking out over black culture. Trying to be gangsta. Personally I'm mostly Hispanic and trust me, some white people are out of their damn minds over Latin culture. It happens. I suppose the grass is always greener and all that.

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