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Im relatively young, so it's my mom who has to schedule most of my things including my doctors appointments. The last time I went was about a month or so ago and that was when my mood swings (that I've apparently had since I was little) started to get aggressive. They recommended me to a therapist to give me a diagnosis and see if there's anything we should do about them. They only called my mom a week ago, so I haven't gone yet. I was pretty sure that I would go in and they wouldn't see much out of the ordinary, but today I discovered that there is likely a good chance that I could have depression. My family has a history with it and if I did get diagnosed with it I would be the 4th generation to have it. I'm not exactly sure how to feel about that

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  • Don't see the diagnosis (if it happens) as a bad thing that changes your life in a bad way. See it as finally getting an explanation and, most importantly, see it as the only chance to ever get better- you can only fight it if you know what it is.

  • At least you have some kind of explanation for it.

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