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All my friends are gone. They all moved to different states I have no one. I don’t even have co workers to befriend either. I’m so lonely and bored out of my mind I keep obsessing over random people because I want them to be my friend. Meeting new people is hard af I don’t even know where to begin. I don’t want to come off as creepy or weird but it’s like geezus christ can I get a friend please? Someone to hang out with, someone to talk to. There’s a girl that lives right around the corner from me that works somewhere I frequent and idk why but I really want to be friends. I have to drive past her house and her place of employment almost everywhere I go and her car is always home when she’s not working so it’s like you’re not doing anything, I’m not doing anything LETS BE FRIENDS AND GO FUCKING DO SOMETHING. I was ALWAYS the one in school to talk to the kids sitting alone at lunch or include the kids sitting alone during recess so they felt like someone cared or whatever and now I feel like I’m that kid that’s sitting alone wishing someone would make me feel worth something except now I’m an adult. Being an only child sucks ass. God please send me a friend... she’s right around the corner 😩

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  • Maybe get an app that helps you locate local people to be friends with! I like Bumble. Or maybe you could write a letter to this girl or see her at work and ask her if she wants to hang out sometime.

  • Let's be friend 🎏

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