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I fell in love with a guy, at first it was only a crush and I thought it wouldn't last long. But now he is constantly on my mind and I can't think of anything else than him being next to me, or him kissing me. It wouldn't be that bad to love him if he wasn't gay and had a boyfriend. And this isn't the only problem. I got into a relationship now, with a guy I am like only physically attracted to. I feel a really painfull sting everytime I think about the guy I really love.

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  • Are you a Nevwrsingle? Why the are you tied down to Mr. Right Now? If you don't like him, keep looking. A good man is not gonna try to, "win you away from him." Neither of them are for you.

  • I know it doesn't seem like it now, but your feelings for this guy will fade. They have to. You can never be with someone who isn't attracted to you. That said, if you're unhappy with your own relationship, don't stay in it. Don't be with someone you don't love just because they're hot.

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