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I like my best friend's sister,i still don't know if i love her or if she likes me or not but hate myself for getting too close with her. I have always tried to keep my distance by not flirting not sharing and not being too involved with her. But last year i don't know what happened we became friends. I still don't flirt or act on how i feel,and probably i never will . But everyday it is getting harder for me to act normal around her. I Instinctively prioritise her over everyone else like saving her a seat, making sure that she gets the last bite and so on. It's breaks my heart thinking about how nothing will happen between us,and even if by chance anything happens she deserves someone better, someone with a better job, better personality , someone who is better than me.

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  • Why can't anything happen between you? Why do people seem to think it's just not okay to date someone because you're friends with one of their siblings? Unless she's just way younger or older than you, I don't see the problem.

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