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Everybody at my school hates me. They've done it since I started in fourth grade, I transferred to a private school. There were like three months, I just walked by myself, then I got a friend, who lasted half a year. After that I've made some terribole decissions, and all my friends didn't last more than some months. Everybody leaves me, and I don't know what it is, that is so wrong that nobody can stand it. There ain't anyone who likes me in my class, some don't care, others dislike me, because of the stories they've heard, or a bad first impression. No matter what I do, they turn it to a bad thing, and when I don't have a friend to distract me from the fact that nobody likes me, and won't tell me why, I'm on the edge of just ending everything, and (not suicide) end it all.

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  • I really hope you mean just to accept it and move on. You'll see that once you get out of school, you'll find friends who'll like you. Don't harm anyone, neither you nor others.

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