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I made a deal with a female friend that if I took a photo of myself naked in the street, then I could see her nude in return. She agreed. I did my end of the deal and sent her the photo with full frontal. She just laughed and said "Oh my God" followed by "you're tiny". I reminded her about it occasionally for the next few months, and she kept saying that she was unhappy about her weight and brushing it off. Eventually, she sent me a photo of herself in her underwear. I told her that the deal was full nudity. Then she just went on a rant about slippery slopes and how I shouldn't be asking for nudes. Now I feel humiliated because she has a photo of me naked in public that she can access at any time and laugh at or even share... but the thought of that turns me on. I still hope that one day I can find a nude picture of her online, so I can make fun of her the way she did me. Apparently a video does exist, but I haven't been able to find it.

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  • ladies and gentleman, whenever you feel down, just remember you are not that person. thank you and have a good night.

  • She doesn't want that micro penis getting all worked up when it has 40 plus years of loneliness ahead of it. You should be thanking her

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