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I'm a 40 y/o male. So, two days ago I went to an Outback Steakhouse with my wife. We got there but we had to wait, as all tables were taken. While we were waiting my wife went to use the toilet and I called a waitress to bring us something to drink. A cute little blondie waitress (no more than 22 years old) answered, and she did a weird thing. She grabbed my hand and said something like "yeah, I'm here for you, just ask anything". OKAY, a bit weird but fine. So I asked for a few drinks and she went off. Some time passed and we got a free table and the same blond girl was waiting in that area. So she comes over, smiles and say "oh it's Mr Lopez from before, it's a pleasure to serve you again". So my wife and I sit and ask for more drinks and some steak to eat. As soon as the girl leaves my wife says to me "she's flirting with you". I replied something like "nah she's far too young, she's being nice for a good tip". Then the girl comes with our drinks and serves us with a smile. My wife was checking something on her phone, so the girl puts wife's drink in front of her, then hands my drink and gives me a wink. At this point I'm thinking "it's nothing, wife's just being weird and it is getting to me, nothing is happening at all". Some more time pass, wife goes to the toilets again and I had asked for more sauce of some sort. Blondie waitress comes and hands me the sauce, but she holds my hand while doing it, and another wink. Now I'm thinking "oh shit what's going on". Waitress leaves, wifes come back and dinner goes on normally. Now it's time to get the bill. Blondie comes back with the bill, puts it in my hand and closes my hand over the bill, covering my hand with hers. I pay for the bill and we leave. Now, I'm curious about her behavior, so I check the bill and lo and behold: there's a goddamn phone number written in there. I went and tossed the bill on the bin and never looked back.

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  • As a restaurant manager I would want to know if one of the servers was being inappropriate or creepy, imagine if a Male server was doing that with a female guest, he would've been reported immediately! Please report her to the managers.

  • I'd also report her, you could write an anonymous email or something.

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