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So this strange little (woman?) At my office with blue hair and a nose ring was saying how much "cooler" she was than my buddy because he wears (boring) suit. I couldn't help thinking back to when I was in a punk band. Years ago an old bandmate had just got off tour with Warped and we were discussing how our new band would dress on stage. He was wearing emo skinny jeans to let you know how long ago this is. We all came to the conclusion that pierced noses and dyed hair was so retro we would be a laughing stock. Like the people we're trying to flip off must be dead by now. Most of us had sleeve tats and gauges at that point. It was already passe. I just can't help thinking this woman fell through a time warp. Like maybe her email address ends in @aol.com?

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  • Colorful hair and piercings are definitely still popular, but more among LGBT folks than emo kids.

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