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I wish my boyfriend would understand that I don't want to tell him explicitly what I want for my birthday or that I want him to bring me flowers or my favourite cookies every now and then, because I don't want him to buy me things to get things for free- I want him to give me those things to show me that he thinks of me on his way home, that he sees something and thinks "She would like that" and then can't wait to see the smile on my face. I want him to know me and listen to me when I talk about something I want. But how can I make him know this without actually saying this - as saying it would totally defeat the purpose, because then I couldn't enjoy any flower he brings home because I'd just think he did it for the wrong reasons?

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  • You can tell him that. Just don't mention specifically flowers or whatever. Just say something like 'the reason I don't like asking for things is because I don't want to just feel like I'm asking you to buy me stuff like a kid asking their mom for toys. It would just be nice to know you think of me, that you want to surprise me every now and then, that you pay attention when I talk about things I like, because I do all that for you.' But the other person has a point, some people just don't show their love that way. He wants to get you thinks he is CERTAIN you want/need, so he asks you. And there's nothing wrong with that, really. He just wants to be sure you'll like it.

  • He can't read your mind, friend. He will never be able to read your goddamn mind. Tell him what you like or accept that he's not the gifting kind. There's an interesting book on "types of love" or something like that. There are people who enjoy simple hand made gifts, others who like shiny stuff, then there are those who like actions, attitudes etc. I'd bet your boyfriend is the action type, and that does not mean he doesn't love you.

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