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Sorry for the long one in advance. So I grew up with only my mother. My dad tried to kidnap me twice as a child and succeeded once so haven't seen him since I was young and he went to jail for this. In the meantime my childhood has been tough for a number of reasons, one of them is that I've always been my mothers only form or support. When I was 11 years old I found out she has a chronic disease, Huntington disease if anyone cares, and so I've over the years become my mother's mother more and more. And though I can take a lot and still love my mother, she hasn't always been good. She called me worthless and cried about wanting to die because of me nearly on the daily, breaking half the house in her rage on the regular. And even though I'm an adult now and I moved out some years ago already, I still get bothered by her a lot. She calls me 3 times a day at least, constantly tries to come over and pick me up from work and so on. And many say "why do you complain, your mother is just spoiling you, I wish I had a mom ready to pick me up any time". Well not if it means crossing over personal boundaries. One day I was on a date with my (then) boyfriend who lived oversees. Him and I would go on a double date but we were way too early so being in the city centre already anyway we decided to pop into a store as he needed some clothes. When my mom texted how I was I happily replied what we were doing and she want crazy on us. Getting angry and ranging on and on about how she didn't get to go along. This was just hopping into a store for like 20 minutes mind you. And the other day I had to get angry and scream, legit scream at her that she wasn't allowed to come to my house because I had to leave. All I did was ask if she knew where something was which I lost after she visited. I never needed her to come over. Its just become disrespectful and condescending by now how much she's even unwilling to consider I have boundaries. I don't know what to do. Tldr: My mother is just too much, I don't know what to do.

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  • I had similar problems. I got married and my mother would still let herself into the house constantly. Even while we were having sex. When I begged her to stop coming by everyday she got pissed and disowned me. Best thing that ever happened to me. We're finally free.

  • The irony is that she's pushing you away because she's afraid of losing you

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