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I feel like I am different from everyone else. I can't find anyone with the same opinions that I have. I am 20 and I miss how the world used to be a few years ago.I miss the social facebook games why doesn't anyone play them anymore?, I miss when printed magazines were still popular, I miss msn and its fun way to chats, I miss when outings were still simple and fun, not fucking nightclubs or very expensive restaurants, I miss when there were challenges and competitions, I miss social games like spin the bottle and truth or dare,I miss when collecting coins and stamps was still a thing. Why am I the only one in this large world who misses these amazing things, and WHY DO PEOPLE MAKE ME FEEL WEIRD AND JUDGE ME WHEN I TELL THEM I MISS THESE THINGS? I can't fit in in the current way of life where all what people around think about is clubbing,dogs,gym and food. I feel very bored, very lonely and very depressed. am I the only one in this huge world who misses the things above? is there any other person like me?

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  • People still play Facebook games, I'm always attacked by notifications to join them. I work retail and we still sell printed magazines and newspapers, if they weren't demanded we would've stopped supplying them. True: I miss MSN, and nudging people on it lol. Nightclubs are actually not popular anymore, and most young people can't afford fancy restaurants, they opt for hikes, little cool coffee shops or restaurants with a welcoming cute theme. Lots of kids are into competition and challenges, actually social media made that even more popular. Maybe it's a cultural thing in your country, but where I come from those nice things are still relevant and actually getting popular, people are even geeking over those old Nokia phones and flip phones.

  • You are not the only one. I don't miss the same things you do, But I miss a lot of similar things. But I don't want to talk about it. It just makes me sad thinking about all this stuff, because it won't come back. Even if it does come back, it won't be the same, so there's no point in pulling yourself down over it. Maybe that's why you never meet anyone who thinks like you do. Maybe people don't want to think about it, Maybe they're better at leaving things behind. Either way, I think you should stop living in the past, because it's not going to come back.

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