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Back in my teenage years, I had a group of friends, in which I was the weird, fat kid. I quit it some years ago because I realized that they mostly made fun of me behind my back...and then it all broke apart. However that may be, I'm self-rightously glad that the guy that was the greatest backstabber now looks like a fat, old woman drenched in old frying fat, has failed miserably in life and still is a virgin, while I lost my weight and have a great relationship. It's childish and doesn't really matter to anyone, I know, but boy how glad I am that I'm not the last one of the group to lose his virginity...as far as I know, I'm the second, the first one was the "chad" of our group and ironically the only member of this group I somewhat regularly am still in contact with.

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  • I was rooting for you, till the virginity part. Ewww you guys all sound like incels, how creepy and cringey it is to keep tabs of who lost their virginity first, second or last! Gross!

  • This confession was fine until you made it about virginity... literally who the fuck cares? It's just sex. It's not important if or when you do it. It's nothing to brag about. That said, karma is a bitch and I'm glad that asshole got what he deserved.

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